About us

About us


Founded in 2005, initially as a Department of Road Transport of SOMAT AD, Car Transporter has played a key role in the car transport market over the years, standing out as a flexible and efficient partner of a large number of businesses in Bulgaria.

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Theoretical and practical trainings for drivers and staff are conducted to acquire knowledge of the latest and up-to-date technologies in the sector. We try to implement innovations in our work process in a timely manner to ensure a high level of our services.


Caring for the environment is one of our main goals. We have the latest Euro 6 tractors Mercedes and Volvo, with minimal harmful impact on the environment. We have the necessary permits and transport documents, which allow us to carry out transportation not only within the European Union, but also in other destinations, such as the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran.


We offer a comprehensive solution for car transport, starting from the manufacturer, through intermediate warehouses for storage and delivery to the final recipient.


We use systems for satellite communication, for organizing and tracking the transport, route planning, as well as timely communication with the driver.